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Friday, May 26, 2017

Butterfly Bonanza - Butterflies on Transparency Film

Hi All!

Another day of butterflies!

Butterfly Bonanza is still in effect!  Use code BUTTERFLY  ( through STORE cart or via email order ) to get 20% OFF your order :)   CODE EXPIRES FRIDAY JUNE 2nd!

Over the next few days I will be posting various cards I have made using new products in the store.

Today I want to share a neat technique.  I laser printed the Distressed Butterfly onto transparency film :)

Tip:  To aid in cutting out the butterflies, back the film with white copy paper, secure with masking or washi tape to help keep them together while you cut.

I dotted Diamond Stickles glitter glue and let dry.  This first example, I dabbed on ( using a ranger distress tool and felt squares)  red, yellow and blue alcohol inks.  Then with a piece of felt wet with alcohol blending solution, I gently daubed to blend the colours.  The ink concentrated around the  glitter dots.  I like the look. 

 For a smoother look, apply your alcohol inks THEN add the glitter.  Either side of your print can be coloured or glue added with a laser print.   Printed side up and coloured/glittered underneath will give a matte look to the outlines.

Here is another example with a laser printed butterfly, same techniques BUT using Bic Markit Markers, Sharpies or Alcohol Markers.


You can use an inkjet printer if you have transparency film MADE FOR INKJET PRINTERS as this film has a special coating that grabs and holds the ink.  If you do use inkjet, you would do your glitter and colouring on the opposite side of your printing to avoid smearing your print.   oh.... and make sure you make the most out of your print out, I crammed as many butterflies as I could on this sheet before printing ;)

 Here are examples using INKJET Transparency Film.

I used Distressed Butterfly & Blossoms COL SET:

This one uses Monarch Butterfly COL SET:

The cutout border above is a work in progress.  I plan on adding a border CUTFILE set for this next week :)  

Have a great weekend!  I plan to be back tomorrow for more butterflies!

:)*  Fred

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Butterfly Bonanza Continues - Butterflies & Backdrops

Hi All!

Butterfly Bonanza is still in effect!  Use code BUTTERFLY  ( through STORE cart or via email order ) to get 20% OFF your order :)   CODE EXPIRES FRIDAY JUNE 2nd!

Over the next few days I will be posting various cards I have made using new products in the store.

Today I am featuring the new backdrops.

Used:  3 Backdrops for Flowers or Butterflies SET ( card uses the original watercoloured sketch but it prints virtually identical)
           Monarch Buttterfly Digi & SVG Cutting Files  (watercoloured)
           Happy Flowers DIGI SET  ( UNcoloured)    (watercoloured)
           CUTFILE/PRINT Blossoms Stencils     (stencil cut on acetate, distress ink brayered on stencil then spritzed then pressed onto watercolour paper)

Used:    Monarch Buttterfly Digi & SVG Cutting Files  (watercoloured)
              Distressed Butterfly & Blossoms COL SET
              Soft Floral Foliage Backgrounds SET

Used:        Distressed Butterfly & Blossoms DIGI SET (butterfly watercoloured but looks same in pre-coloured)
                 Distressed Butterfly & Blossoms COL SET ( for flowers)
                 3 Backdrops for Flowers or Butterflies SET

Have a great day!  I'll be back tomorrow with more cards to share :)

:)* Fred

Friday, May 19, 2017


It's a holiday weekend in my country of Canada...    Happy Victoria Day!

There are new pretty things in the store :)

Everything in this spring release can be easily mixed and matched.  Trust me, I know because I have played HARD.  I had serious "SQUIRREL!!"  when I was designing... I went in so many creative rabbit holes.... oooh this is nice!  but this could be nicer... what about this... and you can also do this with THAT!!!  oh my.  I had..... FUN.  I hope you do too :D


OH and before I start HERE IS A COUPON CODE for 20% OFF your entire order:

Use code:  BUTTERFLY

I finally created a PRE-COLOURED version of MONARCH BUTTERFLY with 7 colours and a printable sheet full of them to get started :)

Here are some hand painted backdrops for your flowers and butterflies!

I played with a prototype of a swallowtail I made and it was too fun not to share.  I created a distressed look to the outlines.  In the DIGI set I included a clean line as well as the distressed line.  So there are DIGI, Pre-Coloured & CUFTILE sets!

I digitally painted ANOTHER background that is a soft watercoloured or pastel looking soft foliage and sky to add some flowers and butterflies to.  I then made a card and painted on small impressionistic flowers and leaves with oil pastels and loved the look.  I replicated it and I am offering it in 6 colours plus the original foliage background that you can jazz up however you like :)

The last one is some pastel coloured painterly papers!  

That's all of it.   Over the next few days I'll be sharing how I used them :)  Have a great weekend!

:)* Fred